Thursday, 25 January 2018


Since getting a full time job, I feel like I spend all my time either at work or in bed binge watching TV. Not that I'm complaining, I've just finally found my favourite way to relax after a long day. 

I remember being at University and only just discovering what Netflix was, I'd curl up in my student flat with my iPhone 4 in hand to re-watch 90210 for like the billionth time! I feel like this was a lifetime ago looking at how much streaming has evolved and now with so many options- Netflix, Now TV, Amazon Video just to name a few- it's crazy to think how much more technology is still to come. 2018 IS THE YEAR OF BIGGER AND BETTER STREAMING! Forget watching the latest series on a shitty, small screen, I'm edging for something mind-blowing this year. The new High Dynamic Range from Panasonic is exactly what I'm reaching for! Whether it's a David Attenborough documentary or a Star Wars movie, Panasonic's unique technology makes me excited to watch TV again. And when you wanna sit and binge watch FRIENDS on Netflix, what's better than watching through the best. This year I plan to watch all those TV series that I've been putting off for a long time, here's my 2018 watch list...

1)  Game of Thrones- Right don't lynch me just yet! I did actually start it and was really enjoying it until I just didn't have time to watch it anymore. But I vow to you I WILL finally finish it this year! 

2) Black Mirror- Yeah usually a sci-fi themed series wouldn't interest me, but I've heard so many great things from people who have watched it that I'm convinced I'm going to have to.

3) Peaky Blinders- YES this is one I know I will love! Cillian Murphy? Check. Historic gang story line? Check. What more could I want?

4) Making A Murderer- Again don't kill me just yet, this seems riiiiight up my street. I've just never actually made it past episode one (awks). In 2018 I promise to actually pay attention to the series I do watch. 

5) Pretty Little Liars- Erm I'm not too sure about this one, but someone at work told me I HAD to watch it and I've seen on Twitter that it's pretty good so let's see how it goes (I'll keep you posted).

So that's my 2018 watch list that I seem to have cultivated over a very long time. Is there anything else I should add to my list? What's on your watch list? Let me know in the comments xo


Tuesday, 23 January 2018


I feel like 2017 was a pretty "normal" year- if you get me? But after doing some serious reflecting on my past year, I feel like looking back, I achieved quite a lot in a year, which I'm pretty proud of. Here's my year in a nutshell...

- My year started a bit rocky, I was feeling a bit shit basically, and I found myself going on nights out more and more. Then I met my boyfriend, and he's definitely been my rock, my best friend and more this year. 

- I went to Norway with my best friend in March. A goal I set myself every year is to travel to a new country, and 2017 that country was Norway, and what an incredible country it was! First time in Norway, first trip with just my best friend and first music festival abroad!

- 2017 was also the year I really began to take my blog seriously. Not that I didn't before, but I started being more creative with my content, speak to other bloggers and I even attended some amazing bloggers events. This year I want to expand this even further!

- I gained a Master of Arts with DISTINCTION! And I couldn't believe it. I absolutely loved my Masters and getting the results I did was the cherry on top of the cake. 

- I lost over a stone (in just 4 weeks). Around October time I started feeling pretty ugly and felt like I'd put quite a bit of weight on over the year- which I had. This motivated me so much to look at what I was eating, I joined my local Slimming World group and haven't looked back. 

-2017 was the year I started my career! After years of working my bum off, endless job applications and working some pretty crappy jobs, I finally landed my career in Digital Marketing! Hooray!!!!


1) Learn to drive!

2) Expand my marketing skills!

3) Start earning through my blog!

4) Travel more (and to somewhere new)!


6) Make more time to see friends!

What are your goals for this year? How was your 2017? Let me know in the comments xo

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