Tuesday, 5 December 2017


If you love Christmas as much as I do, then putting up the tree and decorations is one of the best times of the season! The colours, the lights, makes me feel so much for Christmassy. Usually as soon as December 1st comes around, the tree comes out. However, I really wanted to make this year a bit more special and so I have been shopping around for some gorgeous new decorations and created the ultimate wishlist of Christmas decorations I'm lusting over. 

The baubles above are from Not on the high street, priced at about £6.99 each. I think the tree and balls ones are incredibly cute, along with their unique texture and the colours are on point with what I would want my tree theme to be. 

This incredible Christmas village is from Wilko and is only £12!! Such an amazing decoration with it's vintage look, it even lights up and plays 'Merry Christmas'. Could this be anymore Christmassy?!

I really love this Christmas bauble just for it's simplicity. It's a Mitsuko wheel tree decoration from John Lewis, priced at a great £3- which means you can even buy more than one. I love it's snowflake look, and the fact that it is copper is a bonus. 

How beautiful is this Christmas calendar from Not on the high street. Priced at £14 it is the perfect decoration to sit on your fireplace and get you really excited for Christmas (it is only 20 days away eek)!

This bauble just screams Christmas to me! Whilst it might not fit in with the colour scheme I'm going for, it displays one of my favourite places in the world- London- and so seems pretty special to me. The 'Tourism London scene illustrated bauble' is £8 from John Lewis

Now these definitely fit in with the colour scheme! Anything copper and silver then I'm sold. I've always liked the symbol of a stag head, and these glitter ones are perfect to add a bit of Christmas to a bare room. These are from Wilko and have now been reduced to just £10 for the pack of 3! 

Christmas is definitely coming with this light up beaded wreath from The White Company. I've never put up a wreath myself, but I have always like the idea of them for Christmas. At £50 it is a little pricier, but it's incredibly beautiful for the price tag!

Who doesn't love candles? Especially Christmas ones. These are from Zara Home, which I have never bought from before but from looking on their website they they have some great home ware. They cost £7.99 for a set of 6 in this beautiful dark grey colour with silver stars, perfect for setting the Christmas table or lit upon the fireplace.

I really like the idea of a unique bauble, as you do want your tree to be different and with an element of creativity. This metal snowflake photo frame decoration from Debenhams seemed just that, and would be great for putting a photo of a loved one or something special in to hang on your tree. Even better, it has been reduced to £3.50. 

Just how beautiful is this?! It's a unique snow globe Christmas vase, boosting real snowed and white roses, frosted eucalptus and white glittered erynigum. This winter's dream from Marks and Spencer costs £40, and would be the perfect centre piece of your Christmas celebrations. However, these must be ordered in advance so better be organised.

Have you put your Christmas decorations up yet? What have been your favourites? Let me know in the comments. 

Sunday, 3 December 2017


I'm sooooo excited for Christmas this year! But I can't believe it's only 3 weeks away. I have seen so many people on Twitter saying that it doesn't feel Christmassy yet, so here's how I'm getting festive this season:

๐ŸŽ„Dress the season- winter 2017 is all about the warmth for me. Which may sound strange but I've never been so prepared for the cold weather, I'm talking new slippers, dressing gowns, warmer bedding, a million jumpers. I love feeling cosy during the winter, getting snug and watching a movie. 

๐ŸŽ„The perfect Christmas movie- everyone has their favourites, mine has to be Home Alone! But whether it's Die Hard or Love Actually, the perfect Christmas movie is guaranteed to get you feeling festive. I've watched Elf 3 times this week, no shame here. 

๐ŸŽ„ Christmas shopping! My favourite winter time activity. I always head up to Newcastle for my shopping, as it basically has everything to could ever want. And with the decorations and Christmas markets it's the perfect time to go and enjoy yourself.

  ๐ŸŽ„Spending time with friends and family- I feel like Christmas time is the time of year when everyone truely makes time to see one another. I'm so excited for shopping trips, cocktail afternoon, Christmas parties and family meals, bring it on. 

๐ŸŽ„ Putting up the Christmas decorations- when you think of Christmas, this is definitely at the top of the list. I love helping my mum get all the baubles out (and the tangled up lights that take forever to untangle). Christmas music on, chocolate out and get the tree up, really gets me in the Christmas spirit. 

๐ŸŽ„Treat yourself- I'm not sure about anyone else, but I always treat myself (probably a little too much) near Christmas time. In my defence, it is my birthday near Christmas to, and so I use this as my excuse. But I do feel that after a full year of working hard, a couple of treats is what we deserve. 

I hope you'll leave this post feeling a little more festive! With not long to go, it's time to really cherish that festive feeling. What have you been doing to get festive? Have you put your tree up yet? Let me know in the comments xo 


Saturday, 2 December 2017


 I can't believe it's December already!! How exciting (and a little scary) is that. November has been a pretty great month for me: my favourite night of the year- bonfire night, I rejoined Slimming World, been working towards my driving test, kinda started my Christmas shopping but basically I've just been working my butt off to save up for my trip to China in February! Despite this, I have probably splurged on my shopping habit a little bit too much this month, and so I present to you my November favourites: 

1) MAC lipstick in 'Whirl'
This colour is riiiiight up my street and thought it would be perfect this season for a couple of get togethers or Christmas parties. I actually got this free with the help of TopCashback, which I found to be a really easy process- I literally followed the link, chose my colour and waited about a week and a half before receiving my money back. Though I must note they do charge you a £5 membership free but still you're getting MAC for a fiver which is still a pretty amazing deal. I love MAC and this is a great colour that will go with pretty much anything.

2) Aveeno moisturiser
This is my absolute skin saviour this time of year. Dry face, dry hands, name it I've got it, which is why I always keep a good moisturiser on hand to top up whenever. Aveeno is one of my favourites, giving me moistured skin and it isn't too scented- which is great if you have very sensitive skin like mine. They even do travel size bottles that are handy just to slip into your handbag!

3) Primark 'bee' pumps
How cute are these?! For only £8 they are a bargain and they're the comfiest shoes ever- I practically wear them everyday for work. Although I must admit the velvet hasn't taken well to the surprise snow days we have had this week, but still they're great just to simply slip on for a shopping trip or a night out. Primark have some really gorgeous shoes right now for the festive season so make sure to check them out.

4) Alpen Light bars
Sorry to be that guy, but since starting back on Slimming World I have found these to be the perfect go to snack or I even have them for breakfast- as I always forget to eat breakfast. I love the summer fruits and chocolate orange flavours and they're a healthy grab to eat.

5) Too Faced 'Funfetti' eyeshadow palette
I won this gorgeous palette through a Twitter giveaway not long ago and how fab is it?! I have been so excited to try a Too Faced product and I definitely wasn't disappointed! I love all the different pinky shades, which is something I'm more likely to wear on a daily basis. My favourite shades that I have used the most in November are Funfetti and After Party, but I imagine I'll be using this palette more and more with Christmas and New Year coming up.

What have you been lovin' in November? Leave me some links in the comments xo


Friday, 1 December 2017


December is definitely one of my favourite months of the year! It's my birthday, it's Christmas, it's new year! It's just generally a very exciting month, and I'm seriously prepared for lots of treats and get togethers this month. That said, December is the perfect month to get in those final goals for the year before the new year begins. Here's what I have in store this month and what I hope top achieve:

- Pass my theory test. I was hoping to pass my practical too but that is now sounding a little ambitious- gotta challenge yourself ey. Any tips or tricks, feel free to throw them this way!

- Lose a stone and a half. I got my stone award this week (wheyyyyy) but I'm aiming to lose another 7lbs before my birthday on 22nd December. And then I might allow myself to binge a little over Christmas.

- Save for my trip away. You might have seen me mention it on my Twitter, but in case you hadn't heard the news, I'm heading to China in February to visit my best friend who is working over there, followed by a week travelling Thailand. I'm so excited for this! But first I must save up, which for me is much easier said than done. Although I had set up a savings account, so it's a good start right?

-Enjoy every moment of Christmas. I have had such a hectic year this year, finishing my Masters in September to flinging myself into working 6 days a week. While it's been great I haven't found as much time as I would love to really spend time with family, friends and my boyfriend. With a little time off over Christmas, I can't wait to finally have that time to spend with the people I love, and I will cherish every moment of it.

- Restart my job search. Earlier this year I finished my Masters in Digital Media, with the hope of developing a career in Marketing/PR. Currently I am working as a special needs teaching assistant, which is a job I enjoy doing, but truth be told it is definitely not what I aspire to be. I gave up job searching as it was slowly becoming a tiring process, that was not doing my mental well being any good, dealing with constant rejection. I decided to take a little time off, settling in my current job. Yet this month I definitely want to restart my job search, hopefully with a fresh and open mind.

-And finally BLOGMAS. I promise to you that I will blog every single day in the month of December. I have so many ideas and creative content swirling around in my head, that I really want to spend some time getting them all down on my blog. I want to use this as my own personal project to myself but also for you as, let's face it, I've been a bit crappy at blogging these past couple of months.

So that's my December goals! I love to challenge myself and this seems like the perfect blogging challenge- an early present to myself. Are you doing Blogmas this year? What are your goals this month? Let me know in the comments xo

Tuesday, 10 October 2017


Last week I was invited to attend the John Lewis Beauty Retreat event along with the lovely Rebecca from Static Nova in Newcastle. I had attended a couple of blogger events in the past, but not with a huge brand like John Lewis and so I was super excited- and a little nervous to meet so many other amazing NE bloggers.
When we arrived at the event we were greeted by lots of smiles by John Lewis staff (who were obviously as excited as us), a goody bag each and most importantly- prosecco! I was in my element as I made my way around the store, speaking to other bloggers and beauty specialists from John Lewis. We gathered in the Beauty Retreat, which is located on the ground floor of John Lewis in Eldon Square. Whilst I have wandered through the store many times before, I didn't even know this was here!
The evening started off with some amazing live music, lots of chit chat and incredible canapรฉs and macaroons. We were then encouraged to wander off and have a look around all the great services and brands John Lewis Newcastle has to offer.

As I made my way further into the retreat I found myself within the spa. With a number of treatment rooms open, we were offered massages, facials and product tasters from a number of brands including Elemis, Decleor, Clairns and Liz Earle. It was a great opportunity to get a taste of all the services the Beauty Retreat has to offer, and definitely left me wanting to come back. What particularly impressed me was the staff''s genuine interest in us as bloggers, encouraging us to ask questions and I learnt a lot regarding how massages can help to reduce the headaches that I suffer with.

After indulging a little in the spa, I headed down to the beauty counters to have a look at the products and services they had to offer. Brands that were taking part in the event included NARS, benefit, GHD, Origins and Bobbi Brown- just to name a few.
Again I feel like the all the staff were very welcoming, and I learnt a lot about using different products and new things to try.


At the end of the evening a raffle was drawn to win a number of beauty prizes- including a Charlotte Tilbury hamper worth £355!!! Unfortunately I didn't win, but I was still extremely happy with the night I had. A number of brands gave me vouchers to come back for more taster treatments, and I will definitely be booking in for a massage at the Retreat- so I will back in John Lewis very, very soon. 




Tuesday, 26 September 2017



If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that a couple of weeks ago I handed in my final dissertation, which meant I had officially finished my Masters in Digital Media and Communications from Teesside University (yay)! I feel like I am very knowledgeable in the area of further education, having finished my degree in History at Northumbria University and not entirely knowing what I wanted to do, I decided to take a year off working as a teaching assistant, before finally making the decision to go and study my Masters, but a little bit closer to home this time. From this, I feel like I have had the full University experience- living at home vs living away, working at plenty of placements and having a year away that made me miss education but also discover where I really wanted to be. As the new University year starts, I have compiled a list of what my 4 years of University has taught me:

1. It's ok not to know what you want to do.

Whether that is before, during or after University, it's entirely ok not to know what you want to do with your career and with your life. Get out their and experience different things, go on those placements, step out of your comfort zone- trust me it will be the best thing you ever did. For years I had always wanted to be a Journalist, but then after getting lots of experience, I realised it wasn't for me, and it took me a whole year of working and researching to realise Marketing and PR was a more perfect role for me.

2. Step out of your comfort zone

I know it's easier for some people than others, but if you can, GO FOR IT. You will learn so much, experience so much, and really begin to understand yourself. Want to join a society? Do it. Want to randomly approach a professional at uni? Why not. Your in the perfect time and place to do it, so do it! When I took my year out, I really missed the University experience, and everything that came along with it. So I told myself I would really cherish every moment of my Masters, and I'm very happy with the outcome.


3. Prioritise

 One thing I did relentlessly throughout my undergraduate degree was take on too many things (placements, editor of the university paper, University radio presenter, blog, etc) and did not prioritise my uni work. This ultimately left me feeling a little disappointed with my grades, as I do feel I could of do a lot better. This year, I made sure to organise my time effectively, so that I can get experience and get the grades I want. So while it's great to enjoy your time at university and get involved in everything, a little time management and prioritising does go a long way. 



4. You will not get on with everyone.

I soon learnt this not long after moving into student halls during my first year in Newcastle. Honestly, I did not get on with most of the people I lived with. Not that anyone did anything wrong, we just didn't really have the same interests or a flowing conversation, which made things a little tense sometimes. Though, I honestly did have the best time at University, and that was all because of the great friends I did make. I think I was a little naive when I moved away, thinking I would make a million friends and get on with everyone. Sometimes this may happen, but for myself, I was so much happier with my little group of friends that truly made my University experience. 

5. You'll get what you put in.
Literally whatever you put in to your  experience is what you'll get out of it. University has been the best years of my life and I'm really going to miss it. You will never have so much time on your hands again or the ability to be so relaxed and creative, so appreciate every experience and make use of the time you do have (before you have to get that full time job and never have time again haha). 


Thursday, 21 September 2017


At the weekend I attended my first ever hen party. I was incredibly excited (not just for lots of prosecco), but it was my sister-in-law's final celebrations before she and my brother get married next month. We spent the weekend in our favourite city of Newcastle, and stayed in the most amazing house (IT WAS HUGE), where we had garden afternoon tea, a South African tradition, played games and probably drank a little bit too much, before heading off into the city for cocktails.
I was slightly unsure what to wear for the day, and after spending hours before work shopping, I finally picked up the most amazing royal blue velvet boots! I aimed for something comfortable yet dressy and they definitely delivered- I received so many compliments for them on the day. The boots are slightly pointed, with a comfortable block heel and a zip down the side for easy wear. For just £14 from Primark these little boots are an absolute bargain. In a range of colours and textures, I think I may be heading to Primark to pick up another pair, as they are certainly ideal for the upcoming season. I paired the boots with a green and blue leopard print, off the shoulder top from New Look and a mid length black skirt, also from Primark. The top and skirt both had a ribbed like texture to them and so worked very well together.
My first hen party experience was amazing, though I must admit my head suffered a bit the next day- never trust a punch bowl! Though it was an incredibly special day and has made me even more excited for the upcoming wedding.


Thursday, 23 March 2017


Rewind 3 months...my lecture gets cancelled, which means you head straight for the pub, yes? 3 bottles of prosecco later and we've booked flights to Norway. Standard Tuesday night.

I had mentioned to my best friend that I really wanted to go hiking in Norway, after seeing so many amazing photos on Instagram. So being slightly tipsy, we looked up flights, managing to bag a return from Manchester for £30! Yep! We snatched them up immediately.

I had high hopes for Oslo, and bloody ell it exceeded all of my expectations. It is a beautiful city, full of really friendly people and there is so much to see and do. After looking at the places we wanted to go, we decided to buy the Oslo Pass- costs about £40 for the 2 days, which is a real value for money. With this we got free transport and got into all the museums- which usually cost about a tenner a go.

Over the 2 days we managed to visit the Fram Museum, Viking Ship Museum, National Gallery, Popsenteret, Munch Museum, Kon-Tiki Museum and the Opera House. The Kon-Tiki Museum was definitely my favourite- I'm a history geek at heart and love hearing about old expedition stories.

Before arriving I was so excited to find out that one of my favourite bands Cabbage were playing in Oslo while we were there at By:Larm Festival. I have never actually heard of the festival before, but the line up seemed pretty good so thought we'd give it a go. We managed to see a number of amazing bands, Cabbage, Shame, Alex Cameron and LUT, just to name a few, with incredible venues ranging from an old warehouse to a cathedral!

It's no secret that Norway can be a little bit pricey, so definitely shop around for the best deals. We found some bars that were charging around £10 for a pint, where others were around £6 or £7, depending on what area of the city you're in. It's definitely work checking out some of the really quirky bars though. It's pretty much the same with food too- some places were significantly more expensive than others. We literally just lived off chicken kebabs for the entire trip. Seriously, THEY'RE OUT OF THIS WORLD.

All in all, Oslo is a pretty amazing place. The only downfall of our trip was being delayed for 5 hours because of a snow storm, but what can you do- it was worth it.

Saturday, 11 March 2017


Is this not the best coat ever? Well I certainly believe so. I bagged this beauty for a fiver at a vintage clothes market stall last year and we have been inseparable ever since. I love a good bargain, and this certainly ticks all the boxes for me.

I'm guilty of owning about 527885363 band t-shirts, but why the hell not! I find them so easy to wear with basically anything for anywhere. This ASOS number is one of my favs. I love the colour of the print and the baggy feel of the tee, which can be quite difficult to find with other band t-shirts.

These black culotte trousers with old skool vans have been my 'go-to-outfit' this season. The combination just works so effortlessly, and boy they are comfy! I find myself chucking these together, whether I'm off shopping or running late for uni (which is always), without looking or feeling like a slob.

Chocolate brown faux fur coat- Brick Lane Market
Guns & Roses T-shirt- ASOS
Black pleated culottes- New Look
Vans Old Skool- ASOS


Wednesday, 1 February 2017


January has been a great month for me, and even better for my ever-growing make-up collection. I had my eye on so many products that I was dying to try, and was lucky enough to receive some of them over Christmas. Here are my favourite products that I've been lovin' this month:

I absolutely love a good primer, and I fell deeply in love with this one! I opted for the anti-dull skin colour balance from their collection and it does exactly what it says on the tin (or tube). The purple primer can be applied so smoothly, making the skin feel and look smoother and more radiant. It gives a great base to foundation and keeps it stuck all day.

One word. Life-changing. Is there anything more to make you feel empowered daily than a strong brow game. This is the only brow product you will ever need. It took me a while to establish how much product is actually needed for your brows- because it turns out, you only need the tiniest bit. Once you're comfortable with using it, it's fantastic. I purchased the Dark Brown shade, and the match is spot on.

This is a great concealer for predominately under the eyes. It really lifts the eye under the lower lashes and gives a great base for foundation. I've noticed I've even used less foundation around my eyes as it's not needed. I opted for the colour 'light 02', although I feel like I may go for 01 for my next purchase.

I found this little beauty snuck away in some draws, and although it is a bronzer, look at that highlight on the bottom. The texture and glow on it is a great companion to my foundation and blusher- I've had quite a few compliments from using this highlighter. I also find the texture easy to apply that quite a lot of similar highlighters.


Tuesday, 31 January 2017


The Brighton girl band, fronted by Icelandic singer Rakel,  brings something completely new to British music, with their combination of girl power, wicked style and so much SASS.

Beginning as essentially an art project, these girls have gone from strength to strength, with their demand becoming reality.

I first had the pleasure of seeing Dream Wife live when they supported Black Honey on their tour last year, instantly developing the biggest girl crush.

Dream Wife never disappoint; endless energy, unbelievable guitar riffs and an infectious sense of fun. Despite a slight bass malfunction at the beginning of the show, these girls just bring it.

Kickstarting with their most recent EP 'FUU' tells you that these girls mean business. A mash up of empowering feminist lyrics and the Spice Girls 'Wannabe', provides a unexpected excitement among the crowd.

Other great songs from their debut EP, including Hey Heartbreaker, Lolita and Everything, featured on the bill. It's amazing to see Rakel's ability to switch from sugar-coated princess to punk poser in this mix of dreamy 'fuck you' vibes.

Not only do Dream Wife bring fabulous musicality as the punks and disco queens they are, they also bring a story and charisma into their era of dream pop culture.

The band are already set on a number of tour dates around the UK this year. Be sure to check them out a town near you.

Peace out bad bitches
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