Tuesday, 31 January 2017


The Brighton girl band, fronted by Icelandic singer Rakel,  brings something completely new to British music, with their combination of girl power, wicked style and so much SASS.

Beginning as essentially an art project, these girls have gone from strength to strength, with their demand becoming reality.

I first had the pleasure of seeing Dream Wife live when they supported Black Honey on their tour last year, instantly developing the biggest girl crush.

Dream Wife never disappoint; endless energy, unbelievable guitar riffs and an infectious sense of fun. Despite a slight bass malfunction at the beginning of the show, these girls just bring it.

Kickstarting with their most recent EP 'FUU' tells you that these girls mean business. A mash up of empowering feminist lyrics and the Spice Girls 'Wannabe', provides a unexpected excitement among the crowd.

Other great songs from their debut EP, including Hey Heartbreaker, Lolita and Everything, featured on the bill. It's amazing to see Rakel's ability to switch from sugar-coated princess to punk poser in this mix of dreamy 'fuck you' vibes.

Not only do Dream Wife bring fabulous musicality as the punks and disco queens they are, they also bring a story and charisma into their era of dream pop culture.

The band are already set on a number of tour dates around the UK this year. Be sure to check them out a town near you.

Peace out bad bitches

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